April 1, 2022

God is in the Details

You are probably thinking, shouldn't that be "The Devil"? 

An old mentor of mine changed that around to make me think to look for great opportunities within the finer areas of our jobs.

What makes me think of that today is a discussion that I had a few days ago with a consumer lending client. We were talking about his credit bureau extract, and he asked if he should look within his surviving criteria to find additional volume to mail.

 To quote Robbie Robertson, I just grinned and shook my head. "No" was all I said.

Sometimes a better opportunity is to go back to your waterfall from your initial bureau extract. 

Think about it - you pull records from a 350MM+ database according to your criteria, and get an output file of 25 -30MM records. Where did you lose the rest? Credit reporting agencies have gotten better with their data accuracy, but they aren't perfect, because the companies that report to them aren't perfect. Fragmented files, name changes, disputes all have a way of creating havoc within bureau data. In our extracts we focus on finding those perfectly clean files that meet our criteria. However, names may be dropping off of your radar for inadvertent reasons. And, unless you have a tremendously unique product, there are good chances they are not being seen by your competitors.

And that is where the gold is.   

Finding those pockets of data that get passed over because they don't fit perfectly into an extract criteria. These consumers are under-marketed, and may respond (and perform!) incredibly well. If we think The Devil is hiding in the details, we may not look too closely. But if God is in there......

Talk with IM Group about how we can help uncover lost opportunities in your data and find new and unexplored universes for your product or service.

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